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Alliances: Global Sonic Sampling
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GlobalSonicSampling (GSS) is a Sonic Drilling Contracting company which has the strengths of three companies but the flexibility of one.

GSS is a registered company with three companies having equal 33% shareholding: SONICSAMPDRILL, FLUIDTRONIK SA, HILLSON DRILLING.

SSD is based in the Netherlands and is responsible for Sonic Equipment Supply, Tooling Supply. Sonic Training and Backup Support.

Fluidtronik SA is based in Durban and is an official distributor of SSD Equipment is southern Africa. Fluidtronik SA is responsible for the design and manufacture of the Drill Rig, Maintenance of the Rig, Rig Training, After sales Support, Spares Holding and Standby.

Hillson Drilling operates all over southern Africa with over 30 years of experience in various methods of drilling and will carry out the actual drilling operation.